How to Connect the System to FreeCamPro?

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How to Connect the System to FreeCamPro?

If your security system can't work with the ATCloud properly, please try to use the APP FreecamPro. Here are the steps about how to connect the system

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If your system can't work with the properly, please try to use the APP . Here are the steps about the system to the APP.

Please check the status of the system on the . It must be “success” if you want to get a remote view on the phone and on the computer.

Right-click to call out the menu, then go to booting wizard to have the system internet status as bellow:
Please make sure the connection status is success.

If the network is not “connected”, please refer to below instruction to fix the network problem:

1. Please the APP FreecamPro from or .

2. Please do not the APP account and directly to add the system via the local login.


3. Add the system to the APP by using the serial number:


In the Information page, please input the information and click save button on the right upper corner:

    • Register Mode: GID
    • DeviceName: create a name for your system on the phone APP
    • GID: serial number of your system, and scan the UUID QR code of the system
    • User Name: one is
    • : admin of your system
    • Channel Num: 8 for DN81Q, 4 for DN41Q

4. If the device information is correct, the system could be added successfully, and you could view the on the APP.

How to manually /'s IP?

1. Please use a computer that is connected to the same router and check the computer's network information.






3. Please fix the system's IP like the picture below.



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