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Encode Settings Understanding the Condition Settings Some of these settings are better left alone in order to keep a consistent image quality; Brigh [...]
Description This article will cover the initial setup of a Dahua AI Recorder. Step by Step Instructions 1. Start up your AI Recorder for the first [...]
1. Please plug the camera into a power source by adapter. 2. Please search Yoosee in the apple store or google play and install it. You can also [...]
V380 IP Camera Installation Manual If you are experiencing problems with V380 IP Camera installation, WiFi connection, etc., please refer to this [...]
Thermographic Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Speed Dome High sensitivity thermal module with 384 x 288 resolution NETD is less than [...]
This is the list of the firmware for Hikvision IP cameras. Make sure you have the right firmware. Usually, if you try to update the wrong firmware on [...]
IP Cameras G1 platform (H.265 DS-2CD2XX5,2XX3) R0 platform(2xx2) R1 platform (40xx,41xx,42xx,43xx,6412FWD) R3 platform (4X26FWD[Darkfigh [...]
Preset Trigger from Fixed Camera Description When an event (Motion, IVS, etc) is triggered from a fixed camera, a PTZ on the same recorder can be co [...]
How to add IP Camera to NVR (Same LAN, using POE switch) Requirements 1. Powered NVR or HCVR 2. PoE Switch 3. PoE IP Camera 4. 2 Ethern [...]
Product Software name of software Zhongwei HD Surveillance System (JNVR)-(V2.0.1.55)  download   Name: Zhongwei HD M [...]
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