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The purpose of these videos is to guide the user through the efficient and fast implementation of Mirasys VMS. Videos topics are: How to install [...]
Hello everyone, the editor is here again. Recently, many customers have used sub-control systems to connect multiple video recorders or multiple netwo [...]
What is Heat Map With scenario-adaptable and flexible configurations, Milesight Advanced Heat Map is embedded into the Panoramic Series, which can an [...]
1. What is Area Cropping Area Cropping is an advanced function of 4K camera, which allows to crop the area of interest in live view, and then form a [...]
How to Connect a WiFi Camera to NVR Description This shows you how to connect a wifi camera to NVR. Prerequisites WiFi Camera NVR Video [...]
This guide provides a brief introduction to the Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera and the Tapo app, as well as regulatory information. Please note [...]
This article will tell you how to connect the cameras to the APP iCsee. If you order a camera I41ES/I41ED, please follow below instruction to add it t [...]
Introduction: When the user is viewing the live view on the APP, it is required to enter the encryption code first. The encryption code is the veri [...]
Here are the steps for you: 1. Please make sure DVR or NVR has connected to the router and Internet successfully. You can judge by the picture below. [...]
1. Choose Firmware 4K Series 71.X.0.X(MS-N50XX-UH/MS-N70XX-UH/MS-N70XX-UPH/MS-N80XX-UH): 72.X.0.X(M [...]
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