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How to set FTP server in NVR? UNV Device

Note: Only certain models support this function. Please see the actual model for details.

Note: Click Test to verify whether an FTP connection can be established.

Note: If the remote directory is not specified, the system will create different folders directly by IP,
time and . You may also specify a remote directly, for example, FTPtest/xxx/xxx, then the
system will create the directory first and then create folders by IP, time and camera.

Note: If you select Event, Motion, or Loss, you also need to the
corresponding alarm-triggered snapshot. For example, if you select Motion, you need to
configure alarm-triggered snapshot (select Motion in the Edit Schedule window).

1. Click
System > > FTP.

2. Select the check box to enable FTP.

3. Enter the of the FTP
server, username and , remote directory, and
upload interval.

4. Select the desired camera and then click right to
Upload Schedule. In the Upload
window, select the desired image type and set time periods.

5. (Optional) Apply the same to other by clicking right to
Copy and then
selecting desired cameras.

6. Click
Apply to save the settings.

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