How to export videos from NVR HDD to Windows

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How to export videos from NVR HDD to Windows

QUESTION How to export videos from NVR HDD (Linux based) to a Windows PC? ANSWER This guide will explain how to expor

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export videos from ( based) to a ?


This will explain export or copy files from the 's HDD (Linux based) to a PC. A ND8322P and Windows 7 PC will be used for this guide. Important note: turn the NVR OFF before extracting the HDD otherwise it could get damaged.


Step 1.  the HDD to a Windows PC (you can use an external enclosure or connect it directly to the Mother board)

Step 2.  a Linux reader to read ext4 files contained in the HDD, in this guide we will use Linux reader ( link: ).

Step 3. After you open the Linux reader, it will automatically read all the drives connected to your PC

Step 4. In the Hard Drive section, you will find two Linux Ext drives, each one of them represents a partition in the .

Step 5. One partition contains the media data in where all the videos are stored (/opt/medi/volume0) and one partition contains database information (/opt/database).

Step 6. After opening the /opt/medi/volume0 partition you will find multiple folders, each one containing the accordingly to the numbers (Please see NVR camera number designation).


Step 7. For example, If you want to export the of camera 11, open the REC-10 file (Note:  are denominated starting from 0, not 1),


Then select the folder with the recording you are looking and click the “Save” button.


Step 8. Select a folder in where you want to save the recordings, then click the “Next” button.

Step 9. After you select the destination folder, the wizard will show you a list of the documents that are going to be exported.
Step 10. When the exporting process if finished, you can go to the destination folder and play the recordings.
Important Notes: If the NVR was configured in RAID 3 or 5 you will need to attach all the disks otherwise the won't be able to read the partition.


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