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QUESTION How can I set up my camera over Internet? ANSWER In order to set up the camera over the internet please follow t [...]
QUESTION How to export videos from NVR HDD (Linux based) to a Windows PC? ANSWER This guide will explain how to expor [...]
After you reset the password of Annke NVR or add a new POE camera to the Annke NVR, you may find the cameras cannot show images. Because: For the cam [...]
How to Initialize Video Intercom using Configtool Description Initializing our Video intercom with Configtool simplifies and streamlines the process [...]
NVR/Basic Setup/Connect IPC to NVR How to Connect Camera to NVR 1. You want to connect a CAT5 network cable to your IP camera. 2. Connect t [...]
This guide is intended for customers to reset their Swann recorder when they have forgotten their password. Acquiring the reset code The reset cod [...]
User's Manual (NVR) CMS 2.0 (EN8543) Date:16/7/2016 Size:1.5M Online read: NVR Manual [...]
YI Technology aims to provide enhanced safety and productivity to users worldwide through excellent hardware and cutting-edge software. Always at th [...]
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