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How to Connect Your Cameras Directly to the PC

You may follow the steps below to access Reolink without a router by connecting your cameras directly to your PC and then log in to the cameras via Client.

Please download the lasted version of Client before you start.

Step 1. Please power on this and then it directly to your PC with a cable.

Note:For wifi , please refer to  Power on WiFi camera

For camera, Please refer to How to Power on PoE Cameras

Step 2. Open Client, then click Add  -> Scan Device In LAN to find the of your camera.

Add Device Interface

Step 3. Change the IP address of your computer to the same network segment of your camera.

  1. Click Start –Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center. (For Windows 8 and higher versions, search for Control Panel and then select Network And Internet).
  2. Tap on Change adapter .

    Change Adapter Settings

  3. Right-click on Local Area Connection and then select Properties.


  4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and tap on Properties.

    Local Area Connection Properties

  5. Select Use the following IP address and enter the IP addressSubnet Mask, then click OK button and close the Local Area Connection 2 properties window.
1. The IP address eg: the camera IP is, then you ought to set the IP address as 192.168.177.X. X is the figures selected by yourself but shouldn't be the same as the camera.
2. The Subnet Mask is


Done! Now you are able to access Reolink cameras without a router after connecting your cameras directly to your PC. You may log in to the cameras via Reolink Client.

Note: please set a static IP address for this camera once you can connect this camera via your PC client in case the IP address changed next time.

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