How to add smart doorbell camera to Hikvision/Dahua NVR?

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How to add smart doorbell camera to Hikvision/Dahua NVR?

Hikvision and Dahua are two dominant brands in video surveillance market, today we are delighted to share you how to add smart doorbells to network vi

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and Dahua are two dominant brands in video market, today we are delighted to share you add smart doorbells to network video from them. Not all smart doorbells are compatible with theirs products. For example, those battery-powered wireless smart products, they can't products, as they has no capability to deliver video stream 24 hourly. All smart doorbell complies ONVIF specification, they operate just like , they can be easily added to your NVR.

We recommend you SD-M3 and SD-M5 smart doorbell chimes, they are compatible with ONVIF and RTSP protocol. SD-M3 is a robust smart doorbell that including RFID reader design and supporting remote unlock function. SD-M5 is a 1080p smart doorbell that accepts AC/DC 8V – 36V power input, it's the best option to replace your existing wired doorbell chime. SD-M5 can wire to existing AC transformer of your doorbell, it supports wireless/Wi-Fi network connection, this greatly simplifies and saves money.

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How to add smart doorbell to Hikvision NVR?

Adding smart doorbell camera is very simple, both smart doorbell and NVR should use the same IP network range, hence the NVR can discover the smart doorbell. For example, the NVR's IP address is, then your smart doorbell's IP address should be in the range of – It's ideal to disable function on NVR and your network switch, assign a fixed IP address to the manually. This can avoid IP address change after your devices reboot.

Hikvision DVR/NVR network connection diagram

Obviously, checking or modifying the network of your NVR and smart doorbell is very important. To check your Hikvision NVR's network configuration, you should click “Menu”, “Configuration”, selecting “Network” tab. The picture below shows Hikvision NVR with IP and with the subnet mask, the gateway address is

Next, check the network of your smart doorbell, my smart doorbell's IP address, and subnet mask, the gateway is According to the manual of the product, the doorbell's ONVIF discovery port is 5000, and ONVIF account name is admin, the ONVIF password is its RTSP password. Prior to adding the smart doorbell to any other NVR and NAS, VMS as well, you should enable RTSP stream and set a new RTSP password to enable and secure local video streaming.

Adding smart doorbell to Hikvision NVR manually

Now it's time to add smart doorbell to your NVR/DVR, open the “menu”, select “camera”, then click on “Custom adding”, just input your smart doorbell's network information as shown below: As you can see in the figure above, I have included the following information:IP camera address:

  • Protocol: ONVIF
  • Management port: 5000
  • Transfer port: Auto
  • Username: admin

Enter all the information and click the “Add” button, your ONVIF smart doorbell is now added to the Hikvision NVR and you can check the status by looking at the icon, see the image below.

Hikvision network camera status

How to add smart doorbell to Dahua NVR/DVR?

Our Yoosee smart doorbell can be integrated with your Dahua IP video surveillance system, they're able to delivery HD stream to your 24 hourly. Here we share you the tutorial including instructions on how to add smart doorbell to Dahua NVR. It should be noted that both smart doorbell and your Dahua NVR should be in the same network range, therefore they can communicate each other. Dahua NVR complies ONVIF protocol, it accepts IP cameras and smart doorbells from third-party.

From the main menu select “CAMERA”, select “REMOTE”, “ Search”. The NVR will automatically discover and list the available IP camera or smart doorbell devices in the same local network. Find the IP address of your smart doorbell, click “Modify” to change its default password. Inputting the modified RTSP password then click “Add”, now you have successfully added Yoosee smart doorbell to the recorder. You can also manually add cameras by selecting manual add.

Dahua NVR main menu camera

Input IP address of smart doorbell, username and password, for example:

  • Channel: 6
  • Manufacturer: Private
  • IP Address:
  • TCP Port: 5000
  • User Name: admin
  • Decode Buffer: Default
  • Remote Channel No.: 1
Manual add smart doorbell to Dahua NVR
Inputting all the information, click “Save” to complete. Back to status tab, confirm whether your device is successfully connected or not. If your status shows unsuccessful, you should double check the input password is correct.


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