How to Connect IP Cameras Alone with ANNKE VISION Phone App (without Using NVR)?

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How to Connect IP Cameras Alone with ANNKE VISION Phone App (without Using NVR)?

Purpose: If you have no NVR system and just would like to have the IP camera as a standalone camera, it is OK for the live view on the APP. Only the P

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Purpose: If you have no and just would like to have the as a standalone , it is OK for the live view on the APP. Only the cameras with built-in SD card slot can store .

Here are the steps for you:

If you confirm that the Live view of a camera is enough for you, and please kindly follow the below guide to set the camera up on the mobile phone.

First of all, please make sure the POE camera is activated. If not, please refer to this instruction before going ahead:

Please directly connect the cameras to your router. If your router is the standard router, you need to have an adapter(12V/1A) to power the camera on, then connect it to the router with the . If your router is a built-in POE switch, you can directly connect it with the ethernet cable without an additional .

  1. HK_IPC_connection_with_router.png
  2. Access the camera's settings page and the camera for remote access.
    2.1 Access the camera on a computer browser by following this instruction:
    Annke Vision — Access the Web interface of ANNKE PoE Cameras via Browser? (Without NVR)
    Navigate to [–Basic Settings–TCP/IP], check the box  then click Save.HK_IPC_web_enable_DHCP.png

    2.2 Navigate to [Configuration–Network–Advanced Settings–], set Platform Access Mode as , check the box Enable, keep Server IP as , input/create a in the box Verification Code by following the note below the box, then click Save.
    Then the box Register Status should become ‘‘, which means the camera is ready from remote access.
    Note: If it still shows ‘Offline‘, please navigate to another setting page and get back to check the latest network status.

  3. Please the APP Annke Vision and finish the account registration. Click the Add button to add the cameras to your APP, and you could directly scan the QR code on the camera label.
    HK_IPC_model_number_label.png  Scan_QR_code.jpg

    Note: If there is no QR code on the label for the camera, please try to input the SN manually on the APP.

  4. After that, please follow the steps to add the camera to the APP:
  5. Then, the APP will ask you to activate the system by creating the and the verification code.
    Note: The and verification code is very important for the camera.

  6. Finally, you could view the camera's image on the APP as below.Edit_Alias.jpgAdding_Completed.jpg


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