1. Connect Switch to router via an Uplink port
  2. Connect XVR and IP to switch
  3. On the XVR, go to Menu > > tab
  4. To add a in addition to the coax channels e.g. D5, click the green + icon



  1. To add a in place of a co-ax channel e.g swap A4 for D4
    • Click the Type tab
    • Change the ID from Analog to Digital, click Apply
    • Change_Type.png
    • Allow the to reboot, then go back to Camera > tab
    • Add a as in step 4



  1. IMPORTANT To ensure the cameras have a static IP, click the Config icon, then change the last segment of the . It’s recommended to use a number high up in the range, to avoid conflict with other devices e.g. xxx.xxx.xxx.241