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How to Reset the Password of a Hikvision or HiLook Device

A guide to resetting the on you IP or

The following video and below article guides you through the steps required to reset the master admin password on a Hikvision, HiLook or HiWatch IP camera or recorder.

To you will need a computer connected to the same as your .

1. Download and Hikvision's IP device finder software SADP

2. Run SADP and locate your device in the device list

  • If you device does not show in the SADP list check the following
    • The device is powered on
    • You are physically connected to the same network as your device (Wireless connections are not recommended)
    • If there is no router connected you will need to assign your computer a fixed IP address in the same subnet range as the device. eg. Device = & Computer =
    • You are using the latest version of the SADP

3. Select your device and click “forgot password”

4. Select “export” and chose a location/folder on your computer to export the file to

5. Once you have the exported file email the file direct to Hikvision at

  • This process will only work with UK spec cameras sourced from an authorised UK supplier
  • For Hikvision or HiLook products purchased from Connectec you can alternatively email

6. After creating the file do not switch off the device for which you are resetting the password and complete the process within 24 hours

7. You will receive a new file by email

8. Under step 2 of the forgot password option in SADP select import and locate the file you have received

9. Enter a new password and click “confirm”

10. The password reset process should now be complete

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