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XMEYE How to computer and mobile remote access

Phone with Computer remote:

-Confirm that the VCR version information interface nat status is connected successfully, if the state is to detect, in the settings, Select automatically obtain ip, restart the recorder

The remote Sequence Number 1. pngThe remote sequence number 2. png

-End of the phone need to the xmeye  client, add a to fill in the device name, serial number, mapped port: 34567, the

In the input device serial number in the start-up wizard to scan the SN I completed after confirmation

In the device List interface, click on the corresponding device to remote access

The remote sequence number 3. pngThe remote sequence number 4. png

The remote sequence number 5. png

-A computer terminal can be divided into web pages and Client 2 kinds of access: the

a.Remote URL www.xmeye.net , divided by account

You need to and press the device to log in, add the device serial number can be

Remote serial number 6. png

b.The client computer may be in Xiongmai encyclopedia download

Remote serial number 7. png

vms , in the device interface, select the Add Manually, the log type select the Cloud ID, fill in the serial number of the device after the save and continue, the home page- interface, select the add serial number for remote access


In the system settings, the monitoring point to manage add

CMS remote Sequence Number 1. png

Then add a region, add after the selected area to add a device

CMS remote serial number 2. png

Select the cloud, and then add the serial number

CMS remote sequence number 3. png

In the picture left mouse double-click to open picture

CMS remote serial number 4. png


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