How to Use Motion Detection in ACTi Cameras

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How to Use Motion Detection in ACTi Cameras

Motion Detection (MD) is a common video analytics function that is supported by most of the IP cameras in the market with the purpose of detecting mo

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(MD) is a common analytics function that is supported by most
of the IP in the market with the purpose of detecting moving objects (people,
vehicles) in the view of the and taking necessary actions.

The system inside the is able to analyze the video frames and
decide whether there has been any motion in the user defined region that has exceeded the
allowed limit of speed and size. Whenever motion occurs and triggers alarm, the camera can
either execute several responses to the alarm directly or notify the video system
(, CMS) in the control site and let the control site respond to the events.

Motion detection system is one of the many advantages of over analog .
The analog camera is just the “eye” and cannot analyze motion on the video. All the motion
analysis has to be done on side, creating the following risks – the failure of would
disable the motion detection capability for all channels of the same site while in case of IP
system each camera is independent from – they can detect motion and handle the
responses directly and instantly regardless of the status of NVR. Furthermore, since every IP
camera has its own “brain” to analyze video stream, there will never be computing power
limitation issues and consequently false or missed motion detection alarms that may occur in
case of DVR based motion detection systems.

This article introduces the motion detection system of cameras, including the
configuration advice and the management of motion triggered events.

How to Motion Detection
Configuring motion detection system inside the camera is very easy – use Internet Explorer
browser (version 6.0 or newer) and access the camera's web interface by typing the IP address
of the camera to the browser's address bar. Upon successful connection you will be asked for
the user name and (: /123456). When you log in, you may notice that
the user interface of ACM-series cameras looks different from TCM-series cameras. This
article uses the user interface of the ACM-series camera for explaining the motion detection
system. You can find the same motion detection in TCM-series cameras as well.
Find the item Video Adjustment in the menu of the ACM-series camera.
A popular cube camera ACM-4201 is used in this article to demonstrate
all the functions of the motion detection system.


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