How To Install Synology Surveillance Station

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How To Install Synology Surveillance Station

How To Install Synology Surveillance Station, In this How To... Guide we are going to take you through how to install Surveillance Station software to

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How To Install Synology Surveillance Station, In this How To… Guide we are going to take you through how to install Surveillance Station to a Synology NAS and then show you how to add an IP camera to that software. This guide is aimed at people who have just setup a NAS or have pre-existing NAS that they want to start using for IP camera management and storage, if you are setting up your NAS for the first time this thread is not for you, either follow the instructions in the box, look at other threads in the Synology section of this forum, or ask us for help.

Once you have the NAS setup you can come back to this post and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your Synology NAS via a browser

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.06.57.png

Step 2: Click the Package Center icon​

package center.png

Step 3: Search for and install the Surveillance Station software (it should be on the home page of the package center, if not you can use the search bar to find it)​

surveillance station.png

Step 4: Click the Synology main menu at the top left of your screen and open the newly installed Surveillance Station software


Step 5: Click the IP Camera icon​

IP Camera.png

Step 6: Click the add button when the new window open and then click add camera from the drop-down​

add camera.png

Step 7: Select Quick Setup and then click the next button​

quick setup.png

Step 8: Enter the camera details manually or click the Search icon next the IP Address box​


Step 9: Check both the Synology Supported Cameras and ONVIF lists (some camera models are not directly supported by Synology, but as long as the camera is ONVIF compliant you should be able to add it to the Surveillance Station software)​


Step 10: Select the camera you want to add from one of the lists and click OK

select camera.png

Step 11: Check that all the camera details are filled in, including the cameras username & password (also give the camera a unique name to help you identify it from other cameras)​


Step 12: Click the Test Connection button and if the test is successful you'll get a green tick and a live shot from the camera, you can then click Finish and the camera will be added to your Synology NAS​

test connection.png

If the test is not successful you will have to go back and check the camera's are correct, the most common problem is that the camera has an IP address that is not on your network, after you have followed our instructions from a previous video on how to change the IP address you should get a successful connection and be able to add the camera.


How To Install Synology Surveillance Station

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If you need more help with installing Surveillance Station and adding an IP Camera to your Synology NAS you can watch this video:


Synology NVRs and VisualStation

NVR1218, DVA1622, DVA3221, VS360HD

NVR's (Network Video Recorders) are a neccessary part of any security setup.
They work to store, playback and support the live feed of security footage from connected , and with Synology, can offer even more.



Offering a range of Network Video Recording solutions, from their energy efficient NVR1218, and compact VS360HD, to their deep learning, AI powered DVA series, Synology's selection of NVRs were designed to appeal to a range of different users and applications.

At Use-IP you can now choose from these four Synology NVRs and decide which is best suited for your needs.





The Synology NVR1218 is a 2-Bay (Reaching a max. of 7 bays, with an Expansion unit) , able to support a max. of 12 IP camera channels.
Its design is also fit for a PC-less experiance (only needing to be connected to a monitor) and can be accessed remotely, via Synology's Surveillance Station, or, mobile application (allowing for Live view, playback, adjustments, and notifications, on a mobile device).

Key Features:

 Embedded NVR SoC
 1 GB DDR3 System Memory
 Drive Type – 3.5″ SATA HDD
 1080p 60Hz Video Resolution
 HDMI x 1 Video Output
 3 Year Warranty (Extendable to 5 year coverage)



Deep Learning NVR (DVA) Series

The Deep Learning NVR Series combines the Management features of Synology's Surveillnace Station, with Advanced Analytics, designed to fit deployments of all sizes.
Intelligent Analytics – Included in DVA NVRs to strengthen on-premises security, offering deep learning algorithms and detection profiles

 People and Vehicle detection – Trigger immediate or threshold-based alerts, using idle times, within defined zones (for vehicles or people)​
 License Plate Recognition – Identify license plates and set up accompanying triggers (using allow/blocklists)​
  Detection – Set up bi-directional or one-way borders, so alerts can be issued when a trespassing vehicle or person is detected.​
 People Counting, Congestion Alerts, and, Visitor Trends – Gauge occupancy levels in a defined space, with the counting of people leaving/entering the area. Automatic alerts can also be used to avoid congestion, once an area reaches its capacity.​
 Personnel Detection – Equipped with the fast identification and authentication of individuals, through the use of face recognition.​

Users can choose between the more compact design of the DVA1622, or the larger storage of the DVA3221, the key features of which are both listed below.





The DVA Series NVRs also come equipped with the use of Dynamic Maps, allowing for improved situational awareness, and to help users to determine camera/event locations, and provide instant access to video feeds for more efficient site monitoring. This also includes the features listed below:

 Multi-Location Alerts – Preview triggered events directly on the map with automatic zoom features to bring the most important views into focus.
 Multi-floor Layouts – Group floor plans together for a clearer understanding of where cameras are located, and where events are set to occur.
 Online Map Integration – Directly overlay your cameras and building layouts onto Google Maps or OpenStreetMap for better situational awareness, even across multiple, or larger sites.






Synology's VisualStation offers a PC-less, live view and playback solution, for your surveillance footage, with the ability to work in mobile environments.
Designed to work as a companion system, the VisualStation also offers an ultra-compact design, and features Synology SurveillanceStation live view and management tools. It is a perfect alternative for a Video recording solution, for users facing budget or space constraints.

Key Features:

 Dual Screen Display (users are able to switch between Mirrored and Extended desktop modes)
 HDMI/VGA Dual Full HD Output
 Fan-less Design
 3 Year Warranty

How It Works:
Plug in an , connect the VisualStation to a LCD-monitor or TV, log into the Synology SurveillanceStation – and its all set up, for quick and easy use.


The VS360HD is also equipped for use in harsh and mobile environments. With a design free from mechanical moving parts, the VisualStation is more resistant against vibration and hardware failure, than other Network Video Recording solutions.
Its design also features a solid outer case, built to keep it running in industrial temperature ranges (-20°c ~ 50°c)
This is what makes the Synology VisualStation both a cost effective, and reliable system, for any user.


Synology NAS/SAN Systems

Synology's Data Storage/Management Systems come in a range of styles and sizes, each designed to fit different user needs. Being able to appeal to a range of users and suitable for numerous applications, Synology's NAS/SAN Systems are an ideal addition to any personal data management, business data management, or security setup.
Choose from Synology's range of NAS types; RackStationsDiskStationsFlashStations, and more.

What is a NAS?

NAS = Network Attatched Storage.
A NAS is a device that provides users with a networked location to store their
data, and are designed to be equipped for use at home or for businesses (or other applications).
But a Synology NAS has even more to offer, as they are designed to offer private cloud storage, backup systems, and secure file sharing.

Benefits For Home Use

The DiskStation Manager 7.0

The DiskStation Manager is the operating system for Synology NAS systems, it was designed with focus on reliability and impressive performance, and offers users a wide range of data management features.

 Easily create storage pools, and use visualised connections between storage pools, volumes, and SSD caches, to help resolve any issues your setup may face.
 SSD Cache – With its safe and versatile SSD cache (with lower degradation risks, thanks to high cache write-back speeds), the DiskStation manager offers a place to store Btrfs metadata, that helps to speed up file access and search.
 Advanced Drive Replacement – Drives can be automatically replaced once it reaches critical or failing status. Users can easily switch to a cloned drive after manual replacement, without the worry of degrading the storage pool.
 Active Insight – Allows users to manage their NAS across a range of locations, with performance monitoring and an automated warning system.
 Centralized Monitoring – Offers the ability for users to view system health indicators, for all devices under their Synology account. So, management of your data storage system, or security setup, can be made easy to maintain.
 Delegate Tasks – A must have for business users. With admin role delegation, system administrators can delegate pre-configured roles to other users, and reduce their management workload.

Users can also feel secure when using their Synology NAS, as the DiskStation Manager offers Secure Sign-in, with app-based login approval, hardware security keys, and 2-factor authentication options. Keep your data, and your data management, as secure as possible.


Data Backup Solutions

With the DiskStation Manager as its operating system, a Synology NAS will also offer users a selection of effective and reliable backup solutions, which include:

Active Backup for Business
Expands user
data protection with agent-based Linux backup, possible for five major distributions, and AES-256 encryption.

Active Backup for 365 / Google Workspace
Maintain offsite copies and restart backup tasks in a different location.

Hyper Backup
data with backup support for DSM settings and 12 additional software packages.

Synology C2
Synology's Cloud Storage Solution

Back-up NAS
data to the cloud (with Hyper backup), and, sync requested data between C2 storage and branch offices (with Hybrid share)

Synology NAS Systems also include the Btrfs File System, that allows for even more backup solutions, so users can keep their data as secure as possible (keeping data safe even in the event of data corruption or system failure). These Solutions include:

 Advanced Snapshot Technology – Provides schedulable and near-instantaneous data protection for shared folders and LUNs.
 File and Folder-level Data Restoration – Enables restoration of specific files and folders.
 Flexible Storage Quota System – Helps manage avaliable space by specifying storage limits for shared folders.
 File Self Healing – Detects and recovers corrupted files using mirrored metadata and configurations.
 Inline Compression – Compresses data before writing it to the drive, reducing write commands and optimizing storage space.




Synology's NAS Lineup
Now Avaliable at Use-IP


A selection of Rackmount style NAS Systems.
Synology RackStations offer impressive performance and large storage space, all in a rackmount design.

XS+/XS Series – RS4021xs+RS3621xs+RS3621RPxsRS1619xs+
+ Series – 
Value Series – 


A style of NAS perfect for a Desktop application.
Synology DiskStations range from being compact storage solutions for Business environments, to being an ideal starting point for Home users.



XS+/XS Series – DS3622xs+DS1621xs+
+ Series –
 DS220+DS420+DS620slimDS720+DS920+, DS1522+DS1621+DS1821+DS2422+
j Series – DS220j


Synology's FS Series, with an All Flash Array, Rackmount design.
Synology FlashStations offer uncomromising performance, and solid-state drives. Perfect for more demanding applications, and to accelerate Business operations.



FS Series – FS6400FS3600, FS3400FS2500


SAHD, and, UC Series

All in a Rackmount style, these NAS systems appeal to a range of storage requirements.

SA Series – Offers a Scalable storage solution (ideal for enterprises) with high-performance and capacity requirements. – SA3600SA3400SA3200D
HD Series – Offers a High-density SAS Storage server, designed for Rapid data scaling, optimizing operational efficiency, and IT infrastructure.- HD6500
UC Series – Offers a dependable high-avaliability SAN Storage solution, fit for iSCSI and FC environments. – UC3200



Expansion Units

Synology NAS/SAN Systems can also be expanded, with compatible Synology Expansion Units.
Increase your storage space by adding additional drive bays, using a range of Expansion Unit models, also avaliable at Use-IP

FX2421 – Expansion for FS6400, FS3600, and, FS3400
RX6022sas – Expansion for HD6500
RXD1219sas – Expansion for SA3200D and UC3200
DX1222 – Expansion for DS3622xs+ and DS2422+
RX1222sas – Expansion for SA3600 and SA3400


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