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How to troubleshoot P2P offline status

How to troubleshoot P2P offline status

P2P Checklist

P2P Enabled (Dahua Only)

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-04 8-15-37.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-14-00.png


Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-38-59.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-07-28.png

DNS 1 =

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-57-30.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-10-22.png

DNS 2 =

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-57-302.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-10-29.png

Ping Test:Success

SystemUI only.

1. Navigate to Main Menu -> Info -> Network -> Test

2019-02-04 8-19-09.png

2. Input, “” for Destination IP.

2019-02-04 8-20-19.png

3. Click, “Test”

2019-02-04 8-20-199.png

4. Repeat these steps, replace, “” with, “”

2019-02-04 8-23-01.png

Ping Test:Results-Success

Address Status Image Success 2019-02-04 8-28-27.png Success 2019-02-04 8-27-25.png

Ping Test:Results-Fail

Address Status Image Troubleshooting Fail 2019-02-04 8-29-43.png
  • Check network cable Fail 2019-02-04 8-31-09.png
  • Check network cable

TCP Port

  • 37777 for Dahua Device
  • 35000 for device

Confirm All of the Above, Then Reboot

Reboot the or camera after confirming all the above to be true

Network Sniffer Packet Backup New GUI

This feature is available at the SystemUI only.


  • USB drive, formatted to FAT32
  • Dahua Recorder, connected to a network

Video Example

1. Insert a USB drive (FAT32 format) into the device. Most models of Dahua will have a USB port on the front and rear of the unit, either can be used.

IMG 20190204 090313.jpg

2. From the Main Menu go to Network

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 1.jpg

3. Click P2P

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 2.jpg

4. Click to disable the P2P feature

Click Apply

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 3.jpg

5. Return to the Main Menu

Click Operation

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 4.jpg

6. Click Network

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 5.jpg

7. Click Test

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 6.jpg

8. Confirm the USB drive is detected, under Device Name

Click ‘Refresh' if you do not see the device in the drop-down box

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 7.jpg

9. Click ‘Sniffer Packet Backup' next to the appropriate NIC card to begin the backup

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 8.jpg

10. The icon will change once the backup has begun

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 9.jpg

11. Return to the P2P menu

From Main Menu click Network

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 10.jpg

12. Click P2P

Click to enable the P2P service then click Apply

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 11.jpg

13. Return to the Main Menu

Click Operation

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 12.jpg

14. Click the Pause button under ‘Sniffer Packet Backup'

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 13.jpg

15. Remove the USB drive from the recorder and connect it to a PC

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 14.jpg

You should have one or several *.PCAP files. Please these files to your Technical Support Representative for further analysis.

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