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How To Remote Access for Hik-Connect 3.0

Enable Hik- 3.0 Remote Access Platform Services On Recorders

What is Hik-Connect 3.0 Platform?
The Hik-Connect Platform has two different services to allow for remote access to Hikvision devices.
Hik-Connect P2P Service – Peer to Peer protocol is used between electronic devices where either device can initiate communication.
Hik-Connect Service – Allows accounts to assign unique domain names to devices. Port forwarding is required.*
Both Hik-Connect Services require the or settings to be configured with a correct IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server
Hik-Connect Accounts are required to use these services.
NOTE: Please see the quick start on set the NVR or DVR network settings. Tip:
* Minimize the number of ports opened to the Internet. Port forwarding should only be configured when absolutely necessary. Avoid common ports by changing the default device ports and / or mapping different external ports to the internal ports.

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