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Enabling the on a PTZ (Specific Models Only)

1) Log in to the PTZ .

2) Ensure your camera is using the latest .

3) Set a ‘Home Position' on the camera (This is where the auto tracking will always start from when enabled).

4) From the live display (main screen) select the option from the image below


5) From the dropdown select ‘Auto Tracking' which can be found at the bottom of the list.


6) Once auto tracking has been selected, press the ‘Play' icon to start the auto tracking feature.

3.jpg7) Stop the auto tracking using the ‘Pause' icon.

8) The next step is to set the ‘Automatic Recovery' option. This option will allow the camera to resume its auto tracking if the camera is manually moved and then abandoned without re-starting the auto tracking.



9) Set the option in the ‘Auto Recovery' to whatever your requirements are. In the example below, the camera will resume its auto tracking after 1 minute of being abandoned after manual control. These can be changed as required.