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Qnap NVR First Time Installation

I – Qnap NVR First Time Installatin; II – How To Add & Config IP Camera III – How To Find IP Adress of IP Camera: IP Scan Sorftware & De

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I – Qnap First Time Installatin;

II – Add & Config IP

III – How To Find IP Adress of IP Camera: IP Scan Sorftware & IP adress, Username / For Lilin &


I – Qnap NVR First Time Installatin;

1 – Power On Nas Witout HDDs, and Dont Plug till Qnap Wants you to plug a HDD,

2 – Qnapfinder from www.qnap.com

3 – A few minutes later, Qnapfinder should find your NAS. Start the .

Default Qnap IP Adress: http:

Default Qnap Username: admin

Default Qnap Password: admin


4 –When starts, Qnap should ask you questions to login ;

5 – Choose device IP adress (This adress must be at the same subnet with your IP cameras!)

6 – Setup time (Must be right to setup settings)

7 – Choose RAID structure (My advice is RAID 5 and this cause you to loose 1 HDD from structure. also you can choose RAID 6 for more secure RAID structure -Which casue you to loose 2 HDD)

8 – Qnap wil ask you to check final configration  (You can change these settings after installation completes)

9 – At final step Qnap would format all your HDDs and start to Rebuilding a RAID structure;

10 – After 15 minutes, you can login your Qnap and setup your device, but this RAID rebuilding end around 12 hours so dont expect full performance till this proecess ends;


II – How To Add & Config IP Camera

1 – Go to “Camera Settings” -> “Camera Configration” and press “Edit” on the channel you want to ;

2 – Fill in these options. If your IP camera is not on the list, please use “” as IP camera brand & model.

Press “test” button after finishing configration, and press Apply to complete.

3 – Enter Settings to setup recording and press Apply to complete setup


III – How To Find IP Adress of IP Camera: IP Scan Sorftware & Default IP adress, Username / Password For Lilin & Avtech IP Cameras

You Can Sortware Here;


To Login Your IP Camera Interface, Your PC IP Adress Must Be in The Same Subnet With IP Camera:

If you try config Lilin IP camera, device default IP adress is, so you Pc Ip adress must be something like

Default Configration Of IP Cameras / Wireless Engenius AP;

Lilin Default IP:

Lilin Default Username: admin

Lilin : pass


Avtech Default IP:

Avtech Default Username: admin

Avtech Default Password: admin


Default IP:

Axis Default Username: root

Axis Default Password: pass


Engenius Wireless IP:

Engenius Wireless Default Username: admin

Engenius Wireless Default Password: admin


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