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How to Set up Email Alerts? DVR NVR

Here are the steps for you:
1. Please make sure DVR or NVR has connected to the router and Internet successfully. You can judge by the picture below. If it always keeps disconnected, please click here to get some help. You had better use , not or .


2. Please enable and email function.


3. Please log in to your Gmail account.

4. Please open the website below

5. Please tick turn on.


6. Please set up an email in the DVR setting like the picture below. If the mail test succeeds, it is working.

The SMTP server is

The Port is 465 or 587

Tick the SSL

The user name is your Gmail account

The is your Gmail account password

The sender is your Gmail account

The receiver can be any email.


Purpose: You could set up the email alert function to receive the motion notification.


1. Please use Gmail, not yahoo nor Hotmail.

2. Check P2P status and make sure it is online. If it is not online, here is a solution.


3. Log in to your Gmail account on the computer.

4. Open the website below and make sure the less secure app is turned on.


5. Go to Menu–>Configuration–>–>Email and set up the email alert like the picture below.

SMTP server is

the user name is your Gmail account

SMTP port is 587 or 465

password is your Gmail password

Tick SSL

the sender can be anything

sender‘s address is your Gmail account

the receiver can be anything

receiver‘s address can be any email address

tick option enable attached file

click test. If the test succeeds, all is working.



6. Go to Menu–>–>Motion to enable Send Email Linkage Action. After you finish all, click Apply to save all your setting.





7. Then you will receive notifications via email when there is on the system.



If you have any other questions, please contact at by email.

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