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How to Initialize Video Intercom using Configtool Description Initializing our Video intercom with Configtool simplifies and streamlines the process [...]
Encode Settings Understanding the Condition Settings Some of these settings are better left alone in order to keep a consistent image quality; Brigh [...]
Chapter 1 Before using this product... This chapter contains important information prior to reading the manual and installing the system. It ov [...]
Firmware A firmware update can resolve issues that the previous firmware version may have and improve its current performance. To Upgrade IMPORTANT [...]
You can change the password and Password Reset Email of the VIGI NVR. Password Reset Email is used to receive the verification code when you need to r [...]
Name TB38Z1 firmware upgrade package_ V1.0.0.132021-05-08 Software Description The firmware upgrade package applies to the followin [...]
Phone with Computer How to remote: -Confirm that the VCR version information interface nat status is connected successfully, if the state is to det [...]
DDNS Setup Description DDNS stands for Dynamic Domain Name System. The main advantage for DDNS is If you have a dynamic ip address, (where your addr [...]
NVR/Basic Setup/Connect IPC to NVR How to Connect Camera to NVR 1. You want to connect a CAT5 network cable to your IP camera. 2. Connect t [...]
New GUI/Instructions/Remote Access via P2P New GUI - P2P Setup Description This article will go over initializing P2P on our New GUI devices Prere [...]
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 40 / 62 POSTS
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