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How To Wisenet Firmware Update

Please follow these steps to update the firmware of a camera using Wisenet Device Manager. To view a video showing the firmware upgrade process, cl

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Please follow these steps to the of a using Wisenet Manager.

To view a showing the firmware process, click here.


1.1 Open from a computer connected to the same as the .
1.2 Click on ‘Search’.


2.1 Select the device
2.2 Click on ‘FW’
2.3 Select ‘FW


3. Click on ‘File Open’

Note: You can also click the ‘’ button to have download the necessary firmware files.


4.1 Browse for the File.  Note that a downloaded firmware file is typically in a ZIP file.  You will need to first unzip the firmware file so that you can locate the .IMG file.
4.2 Click on ‘Open’


5. Click on ‘Upgrade’


6.1 Wait until the Status shows “Success” and the of the firmware is displayed.
6.2 Click on ‘Close’ to finish.



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