How to Add the Camera to APP iCsee?

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How to Add the Camera to APP iCsee?

This article will tell you how to connect the cameras to the APP iCsee. If you order a camera I41ES/I41ED, please follow below instruction to add it t

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This article will tell you connect the to the APP . If you order a camera I41ES/I41ED, please follow below instruction to add it to the APP step by step.

  1. Please the APP from or
  2. Then, please connect the 2.4GHz wifi on the phone.
    When configuring the wifi for the camera, the APP will pick up the wifi automatically, and it won't allow the users to change it. Thus, please make sure the phone is connected to the wifi you want to for the camera.
  3. Please use an address or a mobile phone number to register the APP.
    • Firstly, please click Sign Up on the APP
    • Then, please input the username, password, email address/phone number, and the verification code and click Sign Up:
  4. Next, please log into the APP by using the username/email address/mobile phone number:
  5. After login the APP, please click the screen to add the camera:
  6.  Next, please click  My To Wi-Fi:
  7. Please input the wifi password of your wifi :
  8. Next, please click the icon and click I see, and put the QR code to face the camera lens part so that the camera could scan the QR code:
  9. Next, please set up a password and a name for the camera.
    The password is very important. When you share the camera with other users, you also let him/her know the password, so please keep the password.
    If you forgot the password, please the camera to the factory .
  10. Finally, the camera will be added to the APP successfully, and you could view it on the APP:


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