How to Set Wi-Fi Function for HIKVISION Wi-Fi Camera

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How to Set Wi-Fi Function for HIKVISION Wi-Fi Camera

1 Set LAN IP Plug the camera and PC to same router. Run SADP software and then all IP cameras in same LAN will be shown in software. Set the IP

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  • 2 Set WLAN IP

Input the ( in IE browser to login it.

  • Go to Configuration> > Advanced > Wi-Fi, and then click Search. We can search all Wi-Fi router nearby. Please select the Wi-Fi router and then type in the right parameters of Wi-Fi router. And then click Save.

Go to Configuration> Network> Basic Settings> TCP/IP> Wlan. And then we can set IP of WLAN to be

Login camera via WLAN

  • Unplug the cable between camera and router. When we run the SADP, the WLAN IP will be shown in software

  • Type in the WLAN IP ( to IE browser, we can login the by Wi-Fi.

  • We can have a live view of camera


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