How to reset IPC.NVR.DVR password Cloudsee NVSIP ADVR

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How to reset IPC.NVR.DVR password Cloudsee NVSIP ADVR

If you log in device with wrong account or password, system will prompt that "Incorrect password or username, Error Code: xxxxxx", you need write down

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If you log in with wrong account or , system will prompt that “Incorrect or username, Error Code: xxxxxx”, you need write down the code down and visit:

fill in the blanks with your information and click next and input the ERROR CODE, then we will provide you with a temporary account

Note: The temporary account will become invalid in 2 days. Therefore, please change your user name and password once login with the temporary account. Jovision provide this to help user operate the products, Jovision don't bear any legal liability.



To get error code, you need JNVR (, search and add the camera in , you can get the error code:

You can get this error code directly on if the camera is connected to a

Then go to our website to get the temporary account.

When you get the temporary account, you should use this account to the camera and then change the password for user: or you can also create a new user. Then use the account you just modified to connect the camera. Here is the instruction on change password.

Connect the camera in PC client, right click on the , click “Remote setting”, and the dialog box appears. Click “System”.

Click “User Setting” tab, select user “admin” and click “Modify

Input twice to confirm, click OK, then the password has been changed. You can also click “Add Account” to create a new account.

If you connect the camera on a , you should input the temporary account to connect the camera first. Right-click menu—IP camera—double-click the added camera you want to change pwd. And input temporary account, the camera can be connected now.

then right click on the camera live –remote – General–User,  change the password for user: admin or you can also create a new user.

Last but not least, use the account you just modified to connect the camera.


When you get the temparory account, login the NVR/DVR system with this account. And right-click menu—system setup—General—User, select the user and change the password, or create a new user.

Go back to main menu—quit – log out. Then login with the account you have changed the password.


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