How to add an IP camera to a Zosi NVR

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How to add an IP camera to a Zosi NVR

This article explains how to add an IP camera to a Zosi NVR. The picture below shows 4 IP cameras connected to the NVR. The process is strai

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This article explains add an IP to a .

The picture below shows 4 IP connected to the NVR.

IP cameras in a Zosi NVR

The process is straightforward; you can use the  menu to do that.

You can have your up and running in less than 5 minutes.

To have your IP cameras working in a , the first thing you need to do is connect the UTP () cables that come in the Kit to the NVR Ports.

The following picture shows the PoE ports at the back of the NVR.

Zosi 8CH NVR PoE Ports

Once you've done that, you can just plug the power supply, a mouse, and a to the NVR and use the IPC channel menu to search and add the IP cameras.

How to use the IPC channel to add cameras

Right-click the mouse and select “IPC Channel Config” on the floating menu.

Zosi 8CH NVR PoE Ports

The IPC channel menu comes up.

On the right side, there's an empty area where the IP cameras are going to show up as soon as you click the search button and wait for the NVR to look for them.

The NVR takes some seconds to look for the that is connected to its PoE ports. Just wait for this process to finish.

Zosi IPC Channel Config

As soon as the NVR finds the IP cameras, you just need to select the one you want to add, input the username and password ( admin/admin), and click “Add“.

Zosi IPC Channel Config Finds Cameras

As you can see in the picture, camera number 4 was added to the NVR.

And it's done.

Now, you just need to come back to the main screen to see the camera.

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Here's a quick video that shows the entire process.

( If you are in a hurry, fast forward to 5:20m )

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