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How do I install HD Digital Video Recorder?

When you have an old security camera system and need to improve performance across the board without spending too much, installing a new high definition digital recorder can be the perfect solution. The HD DVR does not necessarily require additional hardware or to be implemented, rather conveniently able to use the old analog cameras and wiring already in place. So while new equipment like cameras may help, they are not absolutely necessary. To be clear, such a system can be put in place when the surrounding equipment includes:

  • Analog security cameras
  • Coaxial cables
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Viewing monitor

Installing a new DVR to your old security camera system is an easy process, requiring only a small number of steps before full functionality is acquired. This is the perfect first step that will not break the bank when you do not want to undertake the costly transition to the next generation of equipment. As previously highlighted in a post about upgrading old security systems, the installation process goes as follows:


  • the hard drive (if necessary)
  • the hard drive into the HD DVR (if necessary)
  • Remove the old DVR
  • Implement the HD DVR
  • Configure the HD DVR settings
  • each camera to the recorder

As seen, the installation for a high definition digital video recorder is exceedingly simple when the cameras, wiring, and other components are already in place. As previously Such a device helps to produce higher quality video for viewing and also allows for modern features such as:

  • Addition of video analytics
  • Adjustable resolution and quality
  • Allow for modern hardware upgrades
  • More channels
  • Remote viewing and streaming

These features are generally not possible in an old analog system due to the lack of technology. A new security DVR capable of high definition video quality is designed with modern features that enhance security and owner capability. For example, video analytics can be applied to a new high definition digital video recorder to benefit homes or businesses track details like license plates and foot traffic. Another modern example added with newer technology comes with remote streaming becoming possible through the new port to connect to a router.

Further exploring the benefits and features brought by a newer high definition digital video recorder, a home or business owner can enjoy a superior performance out of their security camera system with one installed. Immediately after installation, the implementation of previously mentioned features like video analytics and remote viewing is possible. While commonplace in modern security camera systems today, streaming video footage on your phone from your cellular device is invaluable. This advantage is simple when the recorder is connected directly to the router accompanied by the system owner having the recorder and camera addresses on hand.

On the other hand, video analytics requires more equipment and fits a different niche in your security camera system. Implemented through a mix of software and hardware, an HD DVR can function with devices like license plate capture cameras and security cameras that can pick up facial features. While not as standard on strictly analog recorders, such additions are possible.

In addition to physical improvements that can be added, an HD DVR has more variants that include more channels and hard drive space. Examples of such can be seen in a new 16 channel DVR and those with more that cater to massive in-scope security camera systems. More channels provide more room for cameras and more space for larger hard drives.

After implementing an HD DVR, homes or businesses have the option of also using newer security cameras and applicable devices. While not necessarily capable of working with next-generation cameras like the internet protocol or pan tilt zoom cameras, they can work with more sophisticated analog devices.

Why purchase an HD DVR?

As described above, an HD DVR offers to improve an old analog security camera system across the board. Less expensive than implementing next-generation upgrades, this recorder offers to enhance the quality of incoming video footage, even from older security cameras. Furthermore, the newer recorder offers more channels, easily fitting the original surveillance cameras while still having room for newer cameras that provide new features and better quality video footage. Such a video recorder is an excellent option for those looking to save money while still having room later for upgrades and additional hardware. Better yet, this HD DVR can be installed in the already in place coaxial wiring and be activated to run with the old cameras.

How much does an HD DVR cost?

Unlike hybrid recorders and NVR systems, HD DVR systems generally stay below one thousand dollars in price and often go well below that price tag with few exceptions. Examples of that can be found on A1 Security Cameras with manufacturers like:

HD DVR systems by these manufacturers and more are available on A1 Security Cameras. Whereas prices will vary depending on features like compression, channel capacity, storage capacity, recording resolution, and more, these devices will remain completely affordable. In addition, while the price will effectively reflect the device's quality, it will be below that of more modern recorders due to its being older by design.

What is the best brand of HD DVR?

A1 Security Cameras offers a multitude of high definition video recorders by reputable and trusted brands. , LTS, Digital Watchdog, and Samsung Hanwha have produced the most popular HD recorders we present. These devices offer a performance that excels beyond what is generally expected out of analog systems while still offering excellent quality footage that can be streamed or transferred elsewhere. As shown, you do not have to break the bank when looking to improve your security camera system and while installing the device yourself without any physically demanding labor.

For more tips on how to improve your security camera system or how to design a new one, reach out to the A1 Security Cameras team today. We offer excellent systems like recorders, security cameras, and more that can benefit how you keep your business or home secure.

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