How can I set up my camera over Internet?

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How can I set up my camera over Internet?

QUESTION How can I set up my camera over Internet? ANSWER In order to set up the camera over the internet please follow t

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How can I my over Internet?


In order to set up the camera over the internet please follow the next steps:

Step 1:
Restore the camera to factory settings. To do that, press the button of your camera for 30 seconds until the LED lights start blinking.

Step 2:
your camera to the internet through a switch of a router (if you have a power adaptor), then use the VIVOTEK's Installation Wizard to find the of your camera in LAN.


You can download the Installation Wizard from the following link: .

After finding the camera's IP, you will need to adjust the port forwarding settings on your router. The depends on the router model, so please check your router manual for more information. For this example, we are using a D-Link DIR-880L.

D-Link Router Port forwarding configuration

Step 1:
Open an Internet browser and enter http://dlinkrouter.local or into the address bar.


Enter the user and password to log in. For more info about the router default address and user/password please see the router manual.

Step 2:
In the home page go to Features > Port Forwarding


Step 3:
Select “Add Rule”, a pop-up window will appear for you to the port forwarding rule. This rule will help you set the ports in which the camera will send information.

  • : Enter the name of the rule
  • Local IP: Enter the IP address of the camera (Use IW2 to find the local IP of the camera).
  • TCP Port: enter the TCP port that you want to open.
  • UDP Port: enter the UDP port that you want to open
  • : Select the time when you want the port to be open.

When you finished press “Apply” to save the rule.

If your camera is 3000 series camera, please forward

  • HTTP port 80
  • Control channel port 5001
  • channel port 5003
  • Audio channel port 5002

If your camera is 6000 series, please forward

  • HTTP port 80
  • UDP audio channel port 5002
  • UDP video channel port 5003

If your camera is 7000/8000 series, please forward

  • HTTP port 80
  • RTSP port 554
  • RTP port for audio 5556
  • RTCP port for audio 5557
  • RTP port for video 5558
  • RTCP port for video 5559

If you want to set specific ports to transport information, go to the camera webpage to Configuration > > Streaming protocols > HTTP streaming and change the values according to your preference.


Please note that if the port is being used you won't be able to access.

After you configure the port numbers, you can access the camera by using:

Noted:Based on above configuration, your device will exposure to the Internet which means the device is at risk of being hacked. We suggest you should follow VIVOTEK's Hardening Guide to harden device before you set your camera to the Internet.


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