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Camius Devices FAQs and How-Tos

Camius Devices FAQs and How-Tos
Camius Devices FAQs and How-Tos

Camius Devices FAQs and How-Tos, Find answers to your technical questions related to Camius IP cameras, Analog cameras, DVR and NVR in this extensive Camius Knowledge Base.

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How To Enable IP Camera Offline, Analog Camera Disconnection Notification Alerts

One of the most important features of any security system is its ability to alert you when something goes wrong. Whether it's an IP camera offline or an analog camera that stopped working, a storage failure, or any other exception, you want to know about it as soon as possible. That's why Camius DVR and NVR camera systems offer various options for setting up alerts or notifications for different events. While cheap IP and analog camera systems often lack this feature, Camius provides this advanced functionality, setting it apart from other systems.

Exception Settings in Camius NVR and DVR camera systems

Camius NVRs have ‘Exception' settings under Setup >> Alarm >> Exception, where you can choose the alarm type. These include:

 Buzzer: When this option is enabled, the NVR will emit an internal beeping sound as an alert for any detected events. This audible alert can be particularly useful when you are in the vicinity of the NVR and can hear the buzzer. Follow this guide on how to deactivate the buzzer alarm
 Send : When this option is enabled in your Camius NVR settings, the system will send an alert to your specified email address whenever there's an event. However, to use this feature, you need to make sure the email settings in your NVR are correctly set up. Follow this guide for email setup
 Show message: When this option is selected in your Camius NVR settings, you'll see a pop-up message on your monitor connected to the NVR whenever there's an alert. If you're accessing the NVR using a web browser, the alert message will appear in the right-bottom corner of your screen.
 Voice prompts

This is an example of the NVR's local user interface menu while the recorder is connected to the monitor

IPVAULT2256PR exception 011524

Local User Interface and Web Browser Interface

The settings can be accessed through two interfaces:

 Local user interface (while the NVR is connected to the monitor via HDMI or VGA video output)
 Web browser interface (for more about web browser access, follow this guide)

This is an example of the menu while you access the Camius DVR or NVR recorder using a web browser

IPVAULT2256PR Exception web browser

IPVAULT2256PR Exception dropdown web browser

Push Notifications alerting about wireless or wired analog / IP camera offline on Camius View App

In addition to the settings on your Camius Security Camera DVR or NVR Network Video Recorder, you can also set up push notifications on your Camius View app. These notifications include Video Loss alarm and HDD alarm. To do this, you'll first need to add the NVR to your app (follow this guide about adding the Camius DVR or NVR to the Camius View app).

Once the NVR is added, you can select the types of push notifications you want to receive directly from the app.

Camius View push

Push Notifications related to Storage (HDD or Micro SD card) installed to the Camius camera system)

Camius View Video Loss notifications

Push Notifications related to the IP or Analog or Wireless Camera Disconnection

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Regular maintenance can prevent issues like a CCTV camera disconnected, ensuring continuous surveillance.

Regular maintenance can prevent issues like a CCTV camera disconnected, ensuring continuous surveillance. However, sometimes problems may arise that affect the connection of your security cameras. In such cases, you need to troubleshoot the issue and find the cause of the disconnection. Depending on the type of camera system you have, the steps may vary. For analog security camera systems, you need to check the power supply, the cabling, and the DVR settings. For wired power over ethernet camera systems, you need to check the network connection, the IP address, and the NVR settings. To learn more about how to troubleshoot these issues, you can refer to the following guides:

How to Setup DDNS on Camius DVR and NVR Surveillance Recorder?

To setup DDNS for Camius security cameras, you'll first need to register for a DDNS service, obtain a domain name, activate DDNS in your camera's network settings, and then input your DDNS account's hostname, username, and password.

If you want to access your Camius DVR or NVR recorder remotely from your PC, you might encounter some difficulties with dynamic IP addresses. A dynamic IP address is one that changes every time you connect to the internet, making it hard to establish a stable connection with your recorder. That's where DDNS comes in handy.

how to setup ddns on camus nvr dvr ip camera

What is DDNS?

Dynamic DNS, or DDNS, stands for Dynamic Domain Name System, and it allows you to assign a static domain name to your recorder, regardless of its IP address. This way, you can always connect to your recorder using the same URL without worrying about IP changes.

Dynamic DNS lets you access your Camius security camera on the internet with an easy-to-remember web address like “” instead of a hard-to-remember IP address like This is useful when you want to connect to your security camera, DVR, NVR from anywhere in the world.

Setting up DDNS

In this guide, we will take you through the steps of setting up DDNS on your Camius DVR or NVR recorder. You will need to have an account with a DDNS service provider, such as DDNS_3322, DYNDNS, NO_IP, CHANGEIP, or DNSEXIT.

Step 1:

Create an account on your preferred DDNS service provider website and a domain name (which is a hostname for your Camius DVR/NVR or an IP camera). Each of these providers offers free and paid accounts, which you need to select based on your requirements.

You will need to provide your email address and create a password. After verifying your email, you will be able to log in to your dashboard. The process of creating an account with DDNS service providers is similar.

Create a domain name for your recorder on the DDNS server. You can usually choose any domain name (hostname) you like, as long as it is not already taken. For example, you can use something like or

Step 2:

Configure DDNS settings on your Camius DVR or NVR recorder.

 On your recorder, go to Main Menu > Network > DDNS.
 Check the box next to DDNS to enable it.
 Select the Server from the drop-down list.
 Enter the domain name you created in Step 1 in the Domain field. Enter the Username and Password you used to sign up for your DDNS server in the User and Password fields.

How to Setup DDNS on Camius NVR, DVR surveillance recorder


Step 3:
 Click on ‘Test DDNS‘ to verify if the settings are correct. If the test result is “Success,” you have successfully configured DDNS on your recorder.
 If the test result is “Network is unreachable or DNS is incorrect,” please check your network connection and make sure you entered the correct DDNS information.
Step 4:

Enter the Domain name (hostname) in a web browser tab bar to access your Camius DVR/NVR remotely from a PC or Mac. Enjoy!

How do I backup NVR or DVR settings?

You can export the main menu settings you have configured to a USB flash drive, or import an exported setting file from USB flash drive to the NVR.

bacup nvr settings

 Save Settings: Click to save the NVR current system settings to the USB device. You will be required to input the Admin password to authenticate.
 Load Settings: Once you have created a system settings export, you can import the settings on another NVR.
 Click the Load Settings button to navigate to the system settings file you want to import from your USB flash driver. You will be required to input the Admin password to authenticate.

Camius user interface menu for reference to backup NVR, DVR configuration

Camius IPVAULT2256PR menu (16 Channel NVR)

IPVAULT2256PR menu

Camius TRIVAULT4K2168R menu (16 Channel Hybrid DVR)


Camius IPVault1128PR menu (8 Channel NVR)

IPVAULT1128PR startup menu

Camius IPVault1128PR menu (8 Channel NVR)

IPVAULT1128PR startup menu


Camius Hybrid DVR Camera Systems are in high demand by Gas Stations and Retail Stores

Security and surveillance are paramount today, especially for businesses like gas stations and retail stores. The demand for advanced surveillance solutions has risen with the increasing need to protect assets, employees, and customers. Camius, a renowned provider of security systems, introduces its innovative Hybrid DVRs, a perfect solution for enhancing security in gasoline pumps and retail stores. This article explores the numerous advantages and unique features of Camius Hybrid DVR camera recorders that make them stand out in the market.

Camius Hybrid DVR Camera Systems are in high demand by Gas Stations, Retail Stores​ due to its compatibility with coaxial wiring & low cost upgrade

1. Gas Stations, Retail stores upgrade to Camius 4K security at minimal cost

One of the major benefits of choosing Camius DVR camera systems is their cost-effectiveness. Camius innovative 8 and 16-channel DVR recorders significantly reduce the cost of upgrading surveillance systems by eliminating the need for wiring. Business owners can retain their existing coaxial wiring infrastructure and only replace the DVR recorder and cameras when necessary.

Traditional camera upgrades often entail the labor-intensive process of rewiring the entire premises, which can be time-consuming and expensive. With Camius DVR camera systems, this hassle is eliminated. The compatibility with existing coaxial wiring not only saves costs on new cabling but also reduces the installation time, causing minimal disruption to the business operations during the upgrade process.

Moreover, reusing the same wiring infrastructure does not compromise the system's performance or reliability. Camius DVRs are designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing coaxial cables, ensuring smooth transmission of high-definition video and data without any loss in quality.

By opting for Camius DVR camera systems, business owners can enjoy cutting-edge surveillance technology without breaking the bank. The ability to upgrade to the latest DVR recorder and cameras as needed while keeping the existing wiring makes Camius an economical and -proof choice for filling stations and retail stores.

In conclusion, Camius Hybrid DVRs offer various benefits, including reduced upgrade costs, compatibility with existing wiring, and ease of installation. Business owners can enhance their security measures without a significant financial burden and rest assured knowing they have invested in a reliable, advanced, and cost-effective surveillance solution.

2. The Power of Hybrid DVRs

2.1 What are Hybrid DVRs?

Hybrid DVRs combine the capabilities of traditional Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). They allow users to utilize both analog and IP cameras, providing flexibility and compatibility with existing systems.

TRIVAULT4K184R2 Camius 4K 8 Channel DVR for Security Cameras Analog and IP TRIVAULT4K184R2 e1691096234750

12 Channel Hybrid DVR camera recorders

CAMIUS Professional 4K Hybrid 16 Channel DVR with Upgradable Storage trivault4k2168r

24 Channel Hybrid DVR camera recorders

2.2 The Advantages of Hybrid Technology

Camius Hybrid DVRs offer businesses the best of both worlds. By supporting analog and IP cameras, they enable a seamless transition from analog to IP surveillance, protecting previous investments while embracing modern technologies.

3. Ultra High Definition Surveillance

3.1 Crystal Clear Resolution

Camius Hybrid DVRs support high-definition cameras, capturing clear and detailed images. This level of resolution is crucial for identifying faces, license plates, and other critical details in businesses.

3.2 4K Ultra HD Recording

With 4K Ultra HD recording capabilities, Camius surveillance DVR camera reocrders ensure that every inch of the surveillance area is captured in astonishing clarity, leaving no room for ambiguity or doubt.

4. Intelligent Video Analytics

4.1 Smart

Camius Hybrid DVRs are equipped with intelligent video analytics, including smart motion detection. This feature lets the system detect and alert users of unusual activities, such as unauthorized access, loitering, or suspicious movements. Only with Camius DVR records can you detect video motion, vehicles, and pedestrians! You can also set multiple motion detection areas for analog and IP cameras.

TRIVAULT4K184R2 motion zones setup IP camerasWeb browser view

4.2 Advanced

Integrating advanced AI technology empowers these DVRs to recognize specific objects, track movements, and even provide heat mapping to identify high-traffic areas in commercial locations.

TRIVAULT4K2168R AI ALARMS Human and VehicleAI functions with Analog and Camius IP cameras (TRIVAULT4K2168R)

5. Remote Access and Mobile Monitoring

5.1 Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime

Camius Hybrid DVRs offer remote access capabilities, enabling business owners and managers to monitor their business premises using smartphones, tablets, or computers from anywhere in the world. Whether you have a Windows PC, Apple Mac or iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet, the DVR is compatible!

Mac apps A 650 350

5.2 Real-time Alerts on the Go

With mobile monitoring, users receive real-time email alerts and push notifications on their devices, ensuring prompt actions can be taken in case of emergencies or security breaches.

6. Enhanced Storage Options

6.1 Efficient Data Storage

Camius Hybrid DVRs support various storage options, including 3.5″ SATA HDD, 2.5″ SSD, and even Cloud storage, ensuring ample space to retain crucial surveillance footage for extended periods.

Camius Hybrid DVR camera recorders work with Dropbox and Google Drive. Click HERE for more information.

dropbox 4k184r2 premium A 300 x 225

6.2 Scheduled Backup and Archiving

The DVRs allow users to schedule automated backups and archiving, providing an additional layer of data protection and seamless storage management.

DVR HDD overwrite

7. DVR Recorder with User-Friendly Interface

7.1 Easy Setup and Configuration

Camius Hybrid digital video recorders boast a user-friendly interface, simplifying the setup and configuration process. Business owners can quickly deploy the system without requiring extensive technical expertise.

CLICK HERE for the DVR installation guide

1 4K2168R Startup Wizard

7.2 6.2 Intuitive Control

The intuitive control panel and mobile app make it effortless for users to navigate through various features and access the necessary information promptly.

DVR HDD overwrite

8. Conclusion

Camius Hybrid DVRs have proven to be a game-changer for businesses, offering a perfect security solution with their hybrid capabilities, high-definition surveillance, intelligent video analytics, remote access, and user-friendly interface. By choosing Camius Hybrid DVRs, businesses can ensure comprehensive security, loss prevention, and a safer environment for customers and employees alike.


1. Are Camius Hybrid DVR camera recorders compatible with existing security camera systems?

Yes, Camius Hybrid DVR recorders are designed to be compatible with both analog CVBS, AHD, CVI and TVI  and IP conformant cameras, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade their security systems without discarding existing cameras.

2. How can I access the recorded footage remotely?

You can access the recorded footage remotely through Camius' user-friendly mobile app or Camius DVR software. Simply install the app on your smartphone or tablet, and you can monitor your gas pumps and retail stores from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. What is the storage capacity of Camius Hybrid DVRs?

Camius Hybrid DVRs support various storage options, including HDD, SSD, and Cloud storage. The capacity can be chosen based on the business's needs and the required retention period for surveillance footage. CLICK HERE for the list of compatible hard drives

4. How reliable are Camius Hybrid DVRs in terms of data protection?

Camius analog DVR camera recorders come with advanced data protection features, including scheduled backup and archiving. These ensure that your surveillance footage is securely stored and protected from data loss or tampering.

How to use 2 way audio security cameras?

The feature of two way audio security cameras empowers users to both receive and transmit audio through their IP camera, adding an extra layer of interactivity and communication to the security setup.

Camius presents its cutting-edge 4K spotlight PoE cameras that come equipped with built-in high-quality microphones and speakers, eliminating the need for external attachments to enable the two-way audio function. For optimal performance, it is recommended to install Camius PoE cameras alongside Camius PoE or Non PoE NVR recorders or Hybrid DVRs.


Camius IP camera systems

The latest R series NVR and DVR recorders facilitate seamless control of Camius spotlight cameras, microphones, and speaker volumes directly from the NVR settings. Additionally, users can conveniently modify the audio encoding format per their requirements. To troubleshoot two-way audio, turn down the input volume and output volume and test switching audio code type (G711A and G711U).

Two factors can affect the audio quality: network and distance.

The recommended distance for the microphone to transmit quality sound is 9.5 to 16 feet.

1128PR audio

To engage in two-way audio communication, the Camius View app is the go-to platform.

Here’s a simple guide to using the 2 way audio security cameras feature:

1.Select the camera with which you wish to communicate.
2.Initiate the 2 way audio communication by tapping on the microphone icon. There's no need to hold down the icon while talking.
3.When you're done, simply tap the ‘End Call' red button to conclude the conversation.

How to use 2 way audio security cameras?​

It's important to note that the two-way audio experience with Camius security cameras is characterized by live bidirectional communication and not an intercom-type function.

In most scenarios, the mute function is enabled by default. By enabling audio, users can record audio from the microphone of their security camera. To listen to the recorded audio, whether in live mode or during playback, it is necessary to open the individual channel in full screen on which the audio-enabled security camera is operating. This applies to both NVR and app usage.

However, it's crucial to exercise caution while utilizing surveillance audio, as its usage might be restricted or subject to regulations depending on the location. Always ensure to verify with local authorities on the proper and legal use of security cameras with audio to avoid infringing upon privacy laws. Unauthorized audio recording can be considered illegal in certain jurisdictions. Hence, Camius emphasizes the significance of complying with local laws and assumes no liability for the misuse of its surveillance cameras that do not align with the respective regulations.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in IP Cameras: Why Camius Stands Out

In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, and the field of IP cameras and other security systems is no exception. AI-powered IP camera systems have significantly enhanced surveillance capabilities, enabling advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, and improved security. Among the leading players in this field, Camius stands out as a pioneering brand that has embraced AI technology to deliver exceptional performance and innovation. In this article, we will explore the applications of AI in IP camera systems and why Camius has become a prominent name in this industry.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Security Camera System

Artificial intelligence has transformed IP camera systems by providing advanced functionalities and intelligent features that greatly enhance their effectiveness. Here are some critical applications of AI in IP camera systems:

 Object Detection and Recognition: AI algorithms can analyze video footage in real-time to detect and recognize objects, such as people, vehicles, or specific objects of interest. This capability allows for automatic event triggering, alert notifications, and efficient video search based on specific criteria. Camius IP cameras and NVR security camera systems use regular video motion detection and allow users to select pedestrians and/or vehicles as the target of motion detection. Moreover, Camius IP and NVR security cameras have differentiated Vehicles and Humans.

Camius Human Detection

 Face Detection: By employing facial recognition technology, AI-powered IP camera systems can identify individuals and match them against known databases. This feature has numerous applications in law enforcement, access control, and personalized services.
 Perimeter Intrusion and Line Crossing Detection: Perimeter intrusion detection and line crossing detection play a vital role in safeguarding critical assets, facilities, and public spaces. These intelligent features offer several benefits, including:
1.Unauthorized Access Prevention: By detecting and notifying security personnel about any unauthorized attempt to breach a perimeter or cross a defined line, AI-based detection systems help prevent intrusions and potential security breaches. This is particularly crucial for high-security environments such as airports, and industrial facilities.
2.Real-time Alert Generation: With AI algorithms continuously analyzing video streams, perimeter intrusion (PID) and line crossing detection systems (LCD) can generate real-time alerts when suspicious activity occurs. This allows security personnel to respond promptly to potential threats, enhancing overall situational awareness.
3.Reduced False Alarms: AI-powered detection systems, such as those offered by Camius, employ sophisticated algorithms that distinguish between genuine intrusions or line crossings and false alarms triggered by environmental factors like animals or weather conditions. This reduces the number of false alerts, allowing security teams to focus on legitimate threats.
4.Enhanced Forensic Analysis: In the event of a security incident, AI-based detection systems provide valuable video evidence for forensic analysis. The captured footage can be reviewed to investigate incidents, identify intruders, or analyze behavior patterns, facilitating post-incident investigations and improving overall security measures.

LCD Line crossing iris528R iris8R 1000 1000

Why Camius Stands Out

Among the various brands in the IP camera industry, Camius has emerged as a frontrunner in implementing AI technology into their camera systems. Here are some reasons why Camius stands out:

1.Cutting-Edge AI Algorithms: Camius leverages state-of-the-art AI algorithms to provide accurate and reliable analytics. Their deep learning-based models are continuously trained and optimized to deliver precise object detection, facial recognition, and behavioral analysis capabilities.
2.Customizable Solutions: Camius offers customizable AI solutions to cater to diverse customer needs. Their IP camera systems can be tailored to specific requirements, such as integrating with existing security systems or adapting to unique surveillance environments.
3.Real-Time Insights: Camius excels at delivering real-time insights from its AI-powered IP camera systems. The intelligent analytics provide instant alerts, event notifications, and data-driven decision support, enabling swift responses and proactive security measures.
4.Scalability and Integration: Camius understands the importance of scalability and integration in today's interconnected world. Camius IP camera systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure and can be expanded to accommodate growing surveillance needs.
5.User-Friendly Interface: Camius prioritizes user experience by offering intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. This ensures operators can easily navigate the system, access video feeds, and leverage the AI features without extensive training or technical expertise.

IPVAULT2256PR menu

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the IP camera industry, enabling advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, and enhanced security. Camius has distinguished itself within this landscape by harnessing AI technology to deliver cutting-edge IP camera systems. Through its robust AI algorithms, customizable solutions, real-time insights, scalability, and user-friendly interfaces, Camius has established itself as a prominent player in the field. As AI continues to evolve, Camius remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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