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Add H265X Camera to Recoder

Add H265X Camera to Recoder
Add H265X Camera to Recoder

Add H265X to Recoder, H.265X is highly integrated with H.265, artificial intelligence, and H.264+. It identifies noise and other interference signals, and increases the for real target, making the allocation of video bandwidth more efficient. Compared with H.264, H.265X has same price but decreases about 40% of bit rates.

As the latest technology of Meeso Communications, H.265X has the advantages of low bit rate and low cost, it will surely stand out in the new round of market competition and achieve a new leap.

Add H265X Camera to Recoder

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In this article, I will show you add H.265X compression standard Camera to , video recorder.

1. Settings on Camera

To add a Camera to a Dahua, Kbvision DVR, you need to adjust a few parameters as follows:

2. Add Camera to Recoder

After you have set the parameters on the Camera, you can add the following to the Recoder:

3. Check results

Here's what you get when you've added the recorder:

A. View Camera on

  • Watch the main stream live:

  • Watch live substream:

  • Review recording:

B. View Camera on TV screen (/VGA)

  • Watch the main stream live:

  • Preview sub-stream:

  • Review recording:

C. View Camera on SmartPSS software (PC)

  • Go to main stream:

  • Preview sub-stream:

  • Review recording:

D. View Camera on (Phone) software

  • of main stream, sub stream and replay recording:

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